Getting free of guilt & shame around receiving.



Do you crave more stability and ease in receiving? Do you have trouble receiving more than enough to get by or sustaining that? (no matter how much you make or how well you do). Do you feel a secret pang of guilt or shame in your heart every time you get paid, get support, ask for help or ask for more in any way? (even though you "know better"). Join me for this one hour workshop where we'll begin to get free of guilt and shame around receiving & create the space for more stability and safety in receiving. 

Do you feel…

A secret pang of guilt and shame every time you get paid or receive a gift?

Like you're maybe taking too much, asking for too much, or have too much, no matter how much (or little) you have?

Like you always have more going out than coming in? Does it never quite feel like enough, no matter how much it is?

Like you've never done quite enough to really deserve it, no matter how much you've done? 

Like you know you're supposed to feel fully worthy to receive, but you have no idea how to do that and don't really believe you ever really will?

"Sunni Chapman is a wizard who puts profound human experiences into simple words that land like a balm. My shoulders drop and full breath awakens. The body has a way of relaxing into what is my own truth, I slow down and listen. She has a way of speaking directly to my soul. My soul gets it, my brain not so much, but it doesn't need to for it to change my life.”


"Sunni Chapman is a luminary and visionary. In many years of creating my own business, I have felt like I was walking through the dark. As I have engaged with her work, I feel like I’ve found a light in the darkness. She doesn't offer lists and how to’s. Rather, what she offers is much deeper, and has the capacity to help you develop deep roots and truly flourish."

 Jennifer D.

"Sunni's work is so masterful. Her communication so clear, and warm, and human. Everything she creates is beautiful! I aspire to be my own version of her when I grow up! But seriously, I just really appreciate her from the perspective of someone wanting to finally build a life and business in a way that is true to me. It's everything."



Join this special one Hour workshop & get free from guilt & shame around receiving:


relax into receiving


What can you expect?


A simple and easy pre-recorded one hour workshop to listen to whenever it is convenient for you.


Workshop prompts & questions to explore to help you make receiving feel more natural. 


A short visualization exercise that will help you open the receiving pathways. 


Reconnection with your true and only source of abundance and your deep innate worthiness of it.



And I believe your life is your greatest work of art. A work of art that you get to create, shape, mold, color and shade with your thoughts and beliefs. Reality is a mirror, it mirrors what we believe about ourselves. When we shift those beliefs, we shift our world. I have used this philosophy to create my most beautiful and free feeling life, doing what I love with total time freedom and abundance, and I want to help you live YOUR own version of YOUR most beautiful life too.

Let's get free of guilt and shame around receiving, so you can make effortless abundance an everyday thing.